Based in London & Brighton, Sayna Fardaraghi is an award-winning British-Persian filmmaker creating experimental short films, music videos and fashion films. Though her work is quite diverse, she focuses mainly on the themes of nostalgia, ephemera, and trinkets of everyday life that are often overlooked.

Her recent work 'Waiting ' has won the Intel/Movidiam award for Best Director and best experimental student film at TIFF (Tatsuno), whilst grabbing the attention of renowned filmmakers such as Barry Jenkins and Nicholas Britell. Alongside having her debut on Mubi, she has been in talks with the BFI (British Film Institute) SCENE program, giving tips to young people looking to get into the world of film.


Having made work for Charles Jeffrey, Dazed Digital, WeTransfer & Tomorrow London, she is always searching for new ways to express her creativity and imagination in out-of-the-box manners. Alongside her professional works, she maintains an online presence where many of her works have gone viral, having her generate 15M+views across platforms. 

You can send her a love letter or inquiries here: (she doesn't bite!)


2020    HP 'Power Your Breakthrough'   -  Best Director

2020    (TIFF) Tatsuno - Best Student Experimental Film

2020    BFI Academy (British Film Institue) SCENE speaker

2019    Winner of Rising Filmmaker Awards

2017    ASOS  -   3rd Best Clothing Design


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